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About Us

Who We Are

We are a non-profit charity corporation and do not charge for hunting on the property under our management.

We offer hunting opportunities for white-tail deer, mule deer, elk, turkey, and on a rare occasion, a moose. Remember to check the WDFW Pamphlet for seasons in GMU130. We allow coyote hunting whenever there is not another season in effect.

There are areas set aside for youth, disabled and the general hunter.

We have opportunities for those who hunt with a muzzle loader, modern rifle, shotgun and archery.

Thousands of acres of prime private property are opened up to the general public for hunting, yet controlled for safety and to provide a great hunting experience.

Properties are patrolled to prevent trespassers.

Our History

During our 2011 hunter initial signup we filled over 74 spaces with many others put on waiting lists. A total of 115 spots were filled by the end of 2011. 

During the 2012 hunting season we filled 190 total openings, 222 in 2013 and 197 in 2014.

Our Future

We are always working to secure new leased properties.

As for our currently leased properties, we work with the landowners to improve habitat for wildlife where appropriate and maintain fences where wildlife are not desired.

We also have many plans for improvements on many of our properties with additional food plots, higher quality gates and fencing, access roads and parking areas.

Land Management
Benefits to Landowners
  • Liability Protection
  • Eligibility for deer and elk damage permits from WDFW
  • Managed number of hunters on land
  • Controlled interaction with hunters
  • Hunter permission and scheduling handled for you
  • Availability of volunteer labor to repair wildlife damage
  • Landowners have priority for hunting times on their property
  • Possible tax deduction for donation
Wildlife Management
  • Monitor herd size and adjust harvest accordingly
  • Work closely with Turnbull Wildlife Refuge to manage elk herd
  • Partner with Washington State Fish and Wildlife programs
Hunting Access
  • Yearly signup for general hunting
Modern Firearm
  • Areas designated for youth, disabled and other hunters
  • Thousands of acres of prime hunting property opened up to the general public for hunting, while controlled access provides for a great hunting experience
  • Areas patrolled for trespassers
  • Late season raffle opportunities