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Wildlife Management

Turnbull Wildlife Refuge
Our organization works with Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge in monitoring the size of the local elk herd. The Manager/Deputy Project Leader, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, stationed at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge attended one of our board meetings and provided a brief history of the refuge and explained how they work with private landowners to improve habitat.  The first time hunting was allowed was in 2010 and 63 permits were given. They have 28 elk radio tagged to determine migration movement.  Our local elk herd migrates between Turnbull, our managed properties and other local areas. Currently the Turnbull herd is larger than they can support so our hunt strategies are trying to address this.

Since about 50% of Washington is in private ownership, many public hunting opportunities rely on landowners opening their lands. In Washington, hunters must obtain landowner permission to hunt on private land. Since 1948, WDFW has worked with private landowners across the state to provide public access through a negotiated agreement. Landowners participating in a WDFW cooperative agreement retain liability protection provided under RCW 4.24.210. Landowners receive technical services, materials for posting (signs and posts), and registration cards. We have partnered with Washington State Fish and Wildlife to participate in their "Hunting By Written Permission Only" program. See the General Season Hunting page on this site for more information.

WDFW LHP Program
We recently received WDFW approval on a three-year contract. We will be offering a raffle for 13 cow permits and 2 bull permits to be used during the months of January, February and March 2016, 2017, 2018. LHP Raffle prices will be $10 (per ticket) for a cow and $25 (per ticket) for a bull. See the LHP Raffle page on this site for more information.