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Welcome to the Columbia Plateau Wildlife Management Association (CPWMA), where we are committed to preserving the natural habitat and promoting ethical hunting practices. Our organization provides free hunting access to youth, disabled individuals, and hunters with limited or no access to hunting property. We prioritize wildlife stewardship and strive to maintain positive relationships with landowners in the region. Through our website, we aim to showcase the personal stories and testimonials of those who have benefited from our services, highlighting the positive impact of our work.

Our Conservation Approach

At CPWMA, our approach to wildlife conservation is rooted in sustainable management practices and community engagement. We actively collaborate with local stakeholders, conservation experts, and volunteers to implement effective wildlife management strategies. By prioritizing habitat preservation and responsible hunting, we aim to ensure the long-term well-being of wildlife populations in the Columbia Plateau region.

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Our Vision and Values

The Columbia Plateau Wildlife Management Assn., (CPWMA), is a WDFW LHP land access program.

In the late 1990s Turnbull NWR and WDFW biologists declared the duck/goose refuge to be over its carrying capacity (200) for elk, thus damaging aspen ecosystems. From a volunteer couple, CPWMA was formed in 2011. After being over populated with elk for approx. eighteen years, Turnbull (a FWS refuge) has now been below elk carrying capacity for the last three years (WDFW helicopter surveys). It took only three years of concentrated WDFW, Turnbull and CPWMA effort to reach carrying capacity from a high of 450 elk in 2010. The 2019 WDFW survey showed 204 elk in Turnbull. All elk have not been killed. Three large herds have now been “encouraged” to stay away from Turnbull year round. (Idaho border, Tyler, and Rock Lake).


 CPWMA was fortunate enough to have on its board a past state legislator and past Game Commissioner, a retired WDFW biologist, a GMAC representative, and hard working locals who know Turnbull’s problems and solutions. WDFW coordinator Mike Atamian, Region 1, and Alice Hanley, Turnbull administrator, provided excellent support in meeting everyone’s goal. 


Our organization was incorporated on March 31, 2011 exclusively as a charitable non-profit land management association.​

Join Our Conservation Cause

Volunteers are able to apply their hours towards the requirements for the Washington State Master Hunter Program. For more information regarding the Master Hunter Program please refer to WDFW Master Hunter Permit Program.


Interested in volunteering? 


Volunteers have two ways to be placed on our volunteer list:

  1. Email us to be placed on our general volunteer list. Our general volunteer list is for volunteers that we can contact prior to any of our projects. When emailing us to be placed on the list we will need the following information:

    • Full Name

    • Contact Phone Number

    • Email Address

    • Available equipment or tools that you can bring to assist

    • Do you desire to apply volunteer hours towards the Master Hunter Program?

    • Have you volunteered with us in the past?

  2. Come to a meeting and sign up!​

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