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Connecting Communities: CPWMA's Hunting Access Program

Have you ever wondered how to connect communities through wildlife conservation and hunting access programs? Columbia Plateau Wildlife Management Association (CPWMA) is doing just that by providing free hunting access to underserved groups like youth, disabled individuals, and those with limited hunting property access.

CPWMA is a non-profit organization that not only promotes wildlife stewardship but also fosters positive relationships with landowners. By offering opportunities for individuals who may not have had the chance to experience hunting, CPWMA is not only providing access to the outdoors but also creating a sense of community among its participants. One of the notable aspects of CPWMA's initiatives is the inclusion of personal stories and testimonials on its website. These stories highlight the impact that hunting access has had on individuals who have benefited from the program. By sharing these narratives, CPWMA not only showcases the importance of its work but also inspires others to get involved and support their mission. It's heartwarming to see how organizations like CPWMA are making a difference in the lives of individuals who may have otherwise not had the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities like hunting. By connecting communities through programs that promote wildlife conservation and access to the outdoors, CPWMA is truly making a positive impact on the world around us.



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