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Our Commitment to Wildlife Protection

At CPWMA, we are committed to wildlife stewardship and maintaining positive relationships with landowners. We strive to provide free hunting access to youth, disabled, and other hunters with limited or no access to hunting property. Our organization is dedicated to preserving the natural habitats and ensuring the sustainable management of wildlife populations.

Join Our Mission

By joining CPWMA, you become part of a community dedicated to conserving the diverse wildlife of the Columbia Plateau region. As a member, you can contribute to our efforts in promoting responsible hunting practices, advocating for wildlife conservation, and sharing your personal stories and experiences.


Explore personal stories and testimonials from individuals who have benefited from CPWMA's services. Hear from youth, disabled hunters, and others who have found opportunities for meaningful hunting experiences and built lasting connections with nature. Their stories showcase the impact of CPWMA's initiatives and the importance of preserving our wildlife heritage.

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