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 "I just want to thank you and the CPWMA for the opportunity to harvest this beautiful animal. CPWMA is a class operation and offers hunters a unique opportunity to hunt properties that they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to hunt. People like farmer Dan are a real blessing and his willingness to help us retrieve the elk and get out of the cold was way beyond the call of duty.  He is a true gentleman. Thanks for all of your help and answering my many calls and giving the latest updates.  It was truly appreciated.        Thanks again and I can only hope to get my ticket drawn again in the future.                     --Sincerely, Rick Lindberg"  (Feb. 2018)

Dear Columbia Plateau Wildlife Management team,

I was fortunate enough to draw a 2018 March anterless elk tag last
year. I do apologize for the long time getting in composing a thank
you letter. I have wanted to sit down and write something nice: now I
am finally "taking the bull by the antlers."

First, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the generosity of
the landowners that allow hunting on their property. The opportunity
that you provide hunters to hunt your property is amazing. These
unique hunting experiences would not be possible without your
kindness; THANK YOU!

Next, I want to extend my gratitude to all the members of the team
that dedicate their time and efforts to helping make these hunts
possible. I believe that CPWMA provides hunters with a rare private
land hunting experience [which for many is not a reality.]

The hunt: March 16th, 2018
After I had hunted solo for the morning hunt, my husband Randy and son
Henry (2 years old at the time) went out for a 'hike,' and wouldn't
you know it: we found the herd of elk! We were busy looking at
wildflowers and enjoying the birds singing (at the time we still had
over a foot of snow at our house.) Henry was excited about being
outside in the sunshine, honestly we were just out on a nice family
hike. And then all of a sudden we saw elk bedded down! Henry saw the
elk at about the same time Randy and I did (we have a future elk
hunter on our hands, he's getting pretty good with a bugle.) Henry who
was in the backpack on Randy's back shouting "Elk! Shoot Mommy,
shoot!" I was able to get a shot on a heifer calf, while having my own
personal cheerleader in the background cheering me on. Apparently
toddlers can experience 'buck fever' as well! We were able to get the
elk field dressed and packed out (that was a bit of a chore, and to be
honest we were happy "I got a little one."). It was very special
getting to experience this hunt as a family. The meat that this animal
provided our family with was greatly appreciated. The memories that I
and my family made during this hunt will outlast any trophy that could
be hung from a wall.

Thank you all so much for your generosity, dedication and efforts put
forth making these opportunities possible. Thank you!

Sasha Dart

I want to express my sincere thanks to all of the volunteers at CPWMA.  Everyone I spoke to was helpful and polite.  Your organization is organized and professionally operated.

Bill, your help was greatly appreciated and please thank Daryl, Dawn, and Vic who also provided me with assistance.

Your properties are well marked, fenced, and mapped so hunters can access the correct parcels.  All rules and policies are clearly set forth and understandable.

I was successful in bagging a beautiful cow elk and the CPWMA made that possible.  I will be happy to support the CPWMA in the future.  Keep up the great work in all you are doing!

Jeff Corigliano

Board of Directors -CPWMA,

The best part was that Molly (my wife) and I were together, tucked into a small stand of young pines on the HJ property on a cold April morning waiting for the day to awaken.

And it was excitement when the gobbles changed from distant and random to focused and getting closer.  And just so cool when the 2 Toms strutted in.  2 days later we sat in our warm home way over in Mt Vernon enjoying smoked wild turkey with friends.

Thanks for the gift of making it so we can hunt these private lands.  I have some understanding of what it takes to make it work.  Molly is the resecutive Director of a non-profit (Skagit River Poetry Foundation), so I get to witness their work, the lots of work.

After that morning, we had other good events:

     1) Watching a flock of turkeys come off of the roost.

     2) Having a Tom gobbling and displaying, only to bolt when I blew a bad call.

     3) And meeting Helen.  She's an absolute delight.

Then on May Day, on the TS1 property, I called a turkey from across the tracks.  Every moment I held my breath.

Thank-you.  It meant a lot to us.

Richard Revoyr

Molly McNulty

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