LHP Raffle
Congratulations to all of the winners!
Raffle winners for Jan/Feb/March 2021 winners are:

N. Fernandas
Nick Castilleja

January Cow
Bill Burch
David Hell
William Surbeck

February Cow
Russ McClellan
Curt Smith
Cal Blackmore

March Cow
Ron Appel
Bill Nash
Jeff Corigliano

In conjunction with WDFW, we are able to offer a raffle to hunt elk on our properties during the months of January, February, and March.


You will need a valid Washington State hunting license and a Washington East or West elk tag to be eligible.


To apply, mail the attached application (see bottom of this page) along with your check or money order to P.O. Box 102, Cheney, Wa. 99004.


Raffle tickets will be mailed to you.  


All entries must be received by August 31st. We will be holding the drawing during our September monthly Board Meeting.


We will notify winners by phone and/or email. Winning ticket numbers will also be posted on our website.  An information packet and forms to be filled out will be mailed to winners. These forms must be completed and received back by the deadline details provided in the packet.

If you have a winning number and fill your elk tag during other seasons, you may notify us and we will allow you to transfer ownership to another hunter. We require notification of a transfer 30 days before your scheduled hunting date. We will require a notarized signature on our transfer form and new documents filled out by the person receiving the transfer.


Additional information regarding LHP Hunt Raffle opportunities can be obtained in the Washington State Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet under "Raffle Permit Hunts: Landowner and Conservation Group Raffle Hunts"

Here's where you get the form ---->